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May 12, 2017

Pork Pie (M)

Rating: 2 / 5

Pork Pie’s publicity describes the film as a wild ride across the magnificent scenery of New Zealand. Which it certainly is. Director Matt Murphy seems to have been inspired by another New Zealand film, the quirky and very funny The Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Pork Pie seems to be a strange combination of a Wilderpeople inspiration and a classic road movie. Sadly, it doesn’t really work. 

The premise is a good one—struggling novelist Jon (Dean O’Gorman) is on a romantic quest to win back the love of his life at a mutual friend’s wedding, and to do this he needs to get from one end of New Zealand’s North Island to the other. But his old bomb of a car doesn’t cooperate, so he hitches a lift in a fancy new Mini Cooper, driven by Luke (James Rolleston), who initially claims the car is his mother’s. (It may well have been somebody’s mother’s car before Luke ‘borrowed’ it.) 

As the duo make their way south they are joined by vegan activist Keira (Ashleigh Cummings), newly fired from her fast food outlet job. With three quirky characters, this film should have been fun. But a laboured script, a sometimes mumbled soundtrack and endless police car and helicopter chases make it a long 105 minutes in the cinema.

O’Gorman is obviously a fine actor, but Rolleston belongs to the Marlon Brando school of mumble, while Cummings has a beautiful and expressive face for film and makes a good fist of Keira.

If slapstick and special effects are your passion, you may enjoy Pork Pie, but anyone looking for a clever and engaging comedy will be out of luck.  

Highlight: Beautiful New Zealand rural scenery
Red flag: Frequent swearing and mild sex scenes


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