[ book ] The Fighting Season

April 21, 2017

The Fighting Season 

Bram Connolly
Rating: 3 / 5


This boys’ own adventure tale, spun in the web that is Australia’s longest-ever war, features the actions of elite Aussie diggers as they survive the perils of combat with the Taliban, IEDs, suicide bombers, and intentional ‘friendly fire’. 

‘Who can you shoot?’ is joined by ‘Who can you trust?’ and ‘Who can you woo?’ as thematic preoccupations.

A popular lodestone of fiction is ‘write what you know’, and our ocker author—Distinguished Service Medal recipient and special forces officer Bram Connolly—has successfully taken that axiom to heart. 

While engaging, the novel is a bit jingo­istic. It makes light of death and torture in its abiding by generic conventions. It is neither literature nor the stuff of blockbuster screenplays, which leaves it to fly the flag for Australian military prowess.  


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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