Learning to reach out to God

April 7, 2017

A friend introduced Panpan Li to the new faith waiting to transform her life.


My name is Panpan Li and I came to Melbourne to study accountancy at Monash University. I came along to The Salvation Army Springvale Corps (church) in July last year with a family friend, without having any knowledge of Christianity.

I was born and brought up in Shenzhen, China. I am the oldest of two girls, and have parents who unconditionally love and care for me, no matter where I am. I liked to window- shop and eat with my friends in China. We often chatted till late, just like any young person.

I didn’t come from a Christian family, and had no idea of who or what or where or anything about what was in the Bible.

I started to go to Springvale Corps after I arrived in Melbourne. The family atmosphere made me want to stay there, and it was great and very convenient that I can be picked up on Sundays.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand anything about Christianity and felt funny sometimes when I first attended. But through the encouragement from the corps members, I began to understand, bit by bit.

I started to attend the Bible study on Sunday mornings before the service,
and contribute my thoughts and ideas to the group, which were well accepted
by others.

I accepted the Lord as my saviour in late 2016, which I’m very proud of. It was the best decision I ever made. I became the adherent of the corps recently and
am now a member of the leadership team. I am very proud of being an obedient child of God.  

Now I’m striving to learn more about God each day. I am very proud that I am a member of Springvale Corps, because I feel I belong there; it’s another family for me.

I’m actively participating in corps activities and I’m also very proud of the fact that my mother and my baby sister now go to a local church in China. My parents are very supportive of me, and they encourage me to do more volunteer work for the corps.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! He gave me the best parents in the world, and the best Christian family that I now have and belong to. Thank you Lord!

I am learning that the Lord will give me wisdom to understand his words each day which sometimes feel out of reach to me. I have learned to spend time with the Lord through devotional books and I’ve learned to pray.

Spiritually speaking, I feel that I am a ‘baby’ at the moment, but I believe that I am growing. I am proud to have the Lord as my heavenly father, and also have my earthly parents who are so supportive and understanding.


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