Clear the cupboards

March 31, 2017

Scrounging to create dinner out of long-forgotten ingredients? Or perhaps you have some fruit that’s just about to pass its use-by date? Try clearing the cupboards with these meal ideas.



When you’re on a budget it’s important you get every cent out of your grocery shopping, but there are always a few products in the fridge or pantry that we’re not sure what to do with; whether it’s half a tin of condensed milk, the leftover chicken from last night, egg whites or peas.

Instead of waiting for these products to go off and tossing them in the bin, you can make something delicious for dinner. Think it’s impossible? Even the most mediocre cook can pull a meal together with the basics. Here are some suggestions.


Great for breakfast or lunch (even dinner for some), you can make a batch of pancakes with staple ingredients in your cupboard: flour, baking powder, sugar, egg and milk. Make them healthier by adding berries or banana to the batter, or cook some eggs and bacon on the side for a hearty meal.


Stir fry
Connoisseurs will craft their own sauces and add in just the right amount of spice, but if you struggle to do this, a jar mix will do. Throw some mince or chicken into a pan, add the leftover veggies in your fridge or freezer and cook up some rice.



There are millions of cookie recipes out there, but the flourless version is by far the easiest. Mix an egg with sugar and include some peanut butter. Bake for eight minutes on 180°C for a quick and yummy snack.


Fried rice
A stand-by when you’re uninspired and low on ingredients. In a wok, mix together a scrambled egg with an onion, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, peas and cooked rice. Add soy sauce and bacon or ham to give it a dash more flavour.


Fruity desserts
If your fruit is bordering on mush, make it into a healthy dessert. Over-ripe bananas are great for banana bread, apples are ideal for apple pie or crumble, and lemon or orange can be used in a slice. A handy tip: bananas can be frozen, so don’t be afraid to peel and store them in the freezer to create a dessert at a later date.


Recipes galore
Next time you come across some lonely ingredients in the cupboard, enter them in a search on The website will automatically tell you what meals you can cook and exactly how to do it. Easy!


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