Life: not always what you expect

March 18, 2017

A bad accident led Michael to find his own way to Jesus.


I grew up in the Bondi area so Sydney was home. My mother was Jewish and my father came from a Presbyterian background. My father and I went to church occasionally, but sadly my parents divorced in my early childhood.

I lived half the time with my mother and sister, and the other half with my father and stepmother. Occasionally my stepmother took me to church which I enjoyed each time. 

Unfortunately, my mother and sister were dogmatic in their approach, impressing on me that I should never consider anything outside the Jewish faith. They said there was no option except to go to the synagogue and remain an orthodox Jew. There was a lot of pressure put on me.

Life is never what you expect. I had a horrific accident that left me disabled. 

Unfortunately a drunk driver ran me over when I was walking down the street. I was left unconscious and a kind person rang for an ambulance. The end result was that I was in hospital for three months under the kind care of the staff at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

I was shocked and mortified by this cruel blow and was unable to function as I had in the past. This accident left me depressed, suicidal and very unsure of myself. I was in horrific pain, and each day brought new problems that needed to be overcome. 

The prognosis by the doctors for my recovery was very bleak and uncertain. I was crippled from the waist down, and although still a young man, I would never be able to walk, run or do any sport again. I knew in my mind that I may never be able to do the things I had done in the past. I had visits from my dad and stepmother which I enjoyed immensely, but sadly the visits from my mother and sister were very unkind, and I knew I could not return to them. 

This turning point in my life made me ask the question,”Why?”

Before the accident I worked as a freelance journalist in the media. I lived, worked, travelled and had a good standard of living.

When I was in hospital a good friend came to visit me. His faith was wonderful, and I wanted what he had. 

Once I was home, this same friend invited me to go to a Salvation Army church. At the service I felt loved and accepted and experienced a tangible presence of God.

Did God have the answer? Who was this God that allowed this to happen? However, each time I went I became more and more intrigued at the possibility that God had all the answers.

As a result of the accident I still have great difficulty in walking without assistance. I try to do some part-time work, and I live in a nursing home and have friends that still help me. I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received, and, most importantly, I have fallen in love with Jesus. 

I go to The Salvation Army church as much as possible, and share my faith with as many people as I can. Through The Salvation Army I have become thankful to the Lord for guidance and inspiration. I like being at the services and I have much more feeling and purpose for my life again. I love studying the word of God and know that when my time on Earth is through, I will go to ‘greater glory’ and my new heavenly body will be far above what I have now.

I do hope and pray that my story will inspire others as well, that through faith in Jesus Christ your life can turn around.


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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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