Salvos join call for ‘inclusive’ foreign policy

March 16, 2017

The Salvation Army has joined other Christian denominations calling for Australia to adopt “an inclusive and accountable approach to foreign policy”.


In a statement released this week, national commissioner of the Salvation Army, Commissioner Floyd Tidd joined leaders from the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting churches, among others, to promote “the preservation of sustainable and flourishing ecologies” that reflect God’s priorities for the “poor and most vulnerable”.


“We recall, also, that Jesus asked us to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’,” the statement reads. “While this is a call to the church it was also, in the Hebrew Scriptures, a commandment to a nation.


“Jesus’ words remind us that a concern for the needs and rights of others must not be an afterthought nor the accidental by- product of a unilateral pursuit of self-interest.”


Coordinated by Micah Australia and the Campaign for Australian Aid, the statement is among more than 9,000 submissions made to the Australian Government as it prepares the country’s first Foreign Policy White Paper in 14 years.

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