Future sweet for Strawberry Field

March 11, 2017


Strawberry Field, the site of the former Salvation Army children’s home immortalised by John Lennon in the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, has been mooted  for redevelopment.


The Salvation Army’s United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland has launched a joint proposal for the Liverpool site, which a young John Lennon lived near.


Plans include a training hub for young people with learning difficulties, with an emphasis on creating vocational training in areas such as catering, retail, tourism and horticulture.


Another initiative is Music Rocks, a music-based mentoring scheme. There will also be an emphasis on spiritual exploration, retreat and pastoral care. The grounds, which will be redeveloped, will house cafes and an exhibition on

the history of the site and John Lennon’s early association with it.


Major Drew McCombe, divisional leader for The Salvation Army in North West England says, “It’s no secret that Strawberry Field was special to John Lennon—it mattered to him.


“We’re going to inspire people to become involved in the project in any way they can, to create a pivotal place in the lives of young people and a must-see destination for Lennon and Beatles fans the world over.”


Donated to The Salvation Army, Strawberry Field, a large Victorian house, was a home for children from 1936 until 2005, when it finally closed its doors.


Beatles fans still pose for photos at the site and write their names on the remaining stone gate posts.


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