[ album ] A Race Against Time

February 18, 2017

A Race Against Time
Frederick Septimus Kelly
Rating: 5 / 5

Frederick Septimus Kelly was unknown to me until I discovered this new ABC Classics two-CD set of his instrumental and vocal music. A Race Against Time is an apt title for a gifted musician who was only 35 when war snuffed out his life.


From listening to these recordings, the description of Kelly as Australia’s greatest cultural loss of WWI rings true.


A man of deep faith, Kelly writes superb orchestral arrangements, very much in the style of Vaughan Williams, and fine vocal compositions, written for his beloved sister to perform.


The most powerful tracks are those composed in response to war—‘Elegy in Memoriam of Rupert Brooke’, ‘The Gallipoli Sonata’ and ‘The Somme Lament’. Julie Houghton    

Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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