[book] Worth Fighting For

January 20, 2017

Worth Fighting For 
Mary-Anne O’Connor

Rating: 3.5 / 5 


Lovers of family sagas will enjoy the fact that Mary-Anne O’Connor has loosely based her book on the real-life war stories of her family’s wartime experiences. 

It’s the story of Australians and American allies facing the dark days of World War II, and how they survive. Not all the surviving is on the warfront—our heroine June has to save her family’s farm and lives by committing to a miserable but wealthy marriage. 

The reader enters the brittle high society of Sydney, and joins the battlefields in the Pacific and New Guinea. Worth Fighting For has a great beginning and satisfactory ending, but it does get bogged down in the middle by the author trying to draw all the strands of the story together. A good read for those who enjoy a meandering journey. 

Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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Vol. 139, No. 13 // 4 April 2020

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