Vol. 135, No. 48 // 3 December 2016

December 3, 2016



Why Salvos Stores are more than just a shop

Christmas can be one of the hardest periods for those already doing it tough, says Liona Keneally, manager of Salvos Stores Wynnum in Brisbane. Liona, who once had been in a similar situation herself, says it’s a ‘privilege’ to be able to help others through her work.



Carrie Underwood takes it one day at a time

Timing is everything in the entertainment industry; something country singer Carrie Underwood knows all too well.


The Shepherd’s Field

A funny thing has happened since I journeyed through the Holy Land. My understanding of the Bible and my faith have not been the same—Christmas is a good example.


Some 16 years ago visionary Melbourne doctor and mother of five Catherine Crock AM decided there must be a way to help her young patients cope with traumatic procedures by using music… and the first Hush album was born.


Brian McCready’s life was on a downward spiral until he experienced God’s love.




Family Fang (M)
Rating: 3/ 5


[ book ] Popcorn: Songs from Stage and Screen by The 7 Sopranos

[ book ] Made With Love: 100 of the World’s Best Chefs, Cooks & Food Artisans & the Food They Make for the People They Love


A right royal television feast

Welcome to Television Scheduling 101. If you want to garner audience interest, pour some money into a high-quality series involving royalty, and you are guaranteed an audience. Which is why there are currently two high-profile royal series on our screens—The Crown on Netflix, and Victoria on Foxtel’s BBC First.


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