[ craft ] Sparkling wreath

November 26, 2016

Make this quick, cost-effective wreath to add some sparkle to your Christmas.

What you need: Thick cardboard, a short string of battery-operated Christmas lights, tinsel, a few Christmas decorations (we used three small balls and a star), sticky tape, scissors, a dinner plate and a smaller plate to use as templates.


1. Make your wreath template by drawing around the dinner plate on your cardboard. Put the smaller plate inside the first circle and draw around that. 


2. Cut out the outside of the large circle and the inside of the small circle.


3. Take your string of lights (make sure it has batteries in it!) and secure the end onto your cardboard wreath with a couple of pieces of sticky tape.


4. Wind the lights evenly around the wreath.


5. Tuck the battery pack under the cord. (This will be the top of your wreath.) Secure with sticky tape. 


6. Wind the tinsel around the wreath and over the lights. Gently pull the

lights through the tinsel so they are not hidden.


7. Tie some decorations to the top of the wreath. Finish by looping a ribbon around the top of your wreath to enable you to hang it.


8. Turn on the battery pack and see your wreath sparkle!


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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