Rock hopping

September 9, 2016


Some years ago, when I was moving through a very difficult time in my life, I felt like a little frog on a rock in a pond that needed to get to the other side, but there just weren’t any more rocks to hop onto. 

I felt I would have to stay put until the rise and fall of the water would reveal to me another rock, and then I’d repeat the process.

As much as I would have liked to either see the ‘big picture’ and really understand where I was going, or to have already arrived at the other side of the pond of life, at this point all I could do was take one step at a time, or jump from one rock in the pond to the next.

It was during this time that a Bible verse from Psalms became very helpful for me: 

‘I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you’ (Psalm 32, verse 8). 

This verse was a promise to me that, even if I couldn’t see the way forward, God would instruct and teach me the way to go—he would show me the next rock to jump onto.

One very clear example of this was one week in July 2008. I sensed that God was saying that it was time to leave my job. This was a bit scary for me as I still had bills to pay, but I knew this was what I needed to do, so the next day I told my supervisor at work. 

The following day, the owner of the business took me aside and told me that she needed to lay off staff and gave me two weeks’ notice. On the very next day, I had a phone call from the vice-principal of The Salvation Army training college in Sydney, following up on my application to train as a Salvo officer (minister). 

When I told her I’d been laid off work, she asked if I could start at the college in two weeks’ time. This little frog had been given the most direct path across the pond she had ever seen!

The other thing that verse in Psalms reminded me of was that God was watching me with love. All sorts of circumstances make up our lives—mine has certainly had its share of ups and downs. But in the midst of all these things, I know God loves me. 

Now my life has taken a different turn, and the rock I’m on now is unlike any other I’ve been on before. But still, I know God loves me and is leading me from rock to rock across the pond.


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