Little bursts of sweetness

August 13, 2016

Cupcakes are big business. 

As a kid, my favourites were fairy cakes, where a small scoop of cake was taken out of the top and the hollow filled with jam and cream. Then the cake top was sliced in half and arranged like fairy wings on top before being lightly dusted with icing sugar. 

My mum didn’t make this type of cake, so if I was at a party or a friend’s place for afternoon tea, these little bursts of sweetness were on my must-have list. 

The first recorded recipe for cupcakes is found in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook published in 1828. 

This recipe calls for five eggs, two large teacups full of molasses and the same amount of brown sugar, rolled fine. 

To this are added two large teacups of butter, a cup of ‘rich milk’, five cups of sifted flour, half a cup of powdered allspice and cloves, with half a cup of ginger to finish it off.

Nearly two centuries later, cupcakes are well ensconced in our lexicon. Along with YouTube clips there are also online sites devoted to making and decorating these little cakes. Some cupcakes are not so little—they’re huge and almost a meal in themselves, but they’re great to share with a friend over coffee. 

You can also buy boxes of the mini ones in supermarkets, and it’s these small ones that I like best, as I don’t have a big sweet tooth. These little bursts of sweetness are just the right size for me.

With sugar currently being considered almost toxic to our systems, and the resultant diabetes being on the rise around the world, having just a little burst of sweetness is seen as a good thing.

A writer in the Bible once described God’s words this way: ‘How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!’ (Proverbs chapter 119, verse 103). 

The Bible is a collection of books, with many, many words. Sometimes it’s not always easy to understand, given that it was written at a very different time to our own.

However, there is much in the Bible that transcends time and culture. There is much which brings just the right amount of sweetness to life—words of comfort, guidance and encouragement, as well as words of challenge or conviction.

If reading the Bible is new for you, why not try the book of Mark? It’s short and easy to read. Perhaps there, you too can find the little burst of sweetness you are looking for in your life. 


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