Bringing Daniel home

July 16, 2016

A film on a story that gripped Australia needs our help. 


When Daniel Morcombe disappeared from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in December 2003, Australians held their collective breath—and their own children just a little closer.

Almost 13 years on there are so many images that play through our minds when we think of the story; the happy, cheeky, vulnerable little boy next door, the bus stop under the overpass, the police and the searchers, the media conferences, the foundation formed to help other kids stay safe, the hundreds of red balloons, the arrest, the trial of the murderer, the swamp where Daniel’s remains were found, and the long overdue funeral. 

Among these memories are the staunch determination of Bruce Morcombe and the constantly haunted look of loss and longing in Denise Morcombe’s eyes as they both fought for justice and to ‘bring Daniel home’.

Many of those images will play out on the big screen next year in a feature film called Where Is Daniel?, based on the book of the same name by Bruce and Denise.

Apart from the Morcombes’ full support, the producers are also looking for support from everyday Australians via the crowd-funding site

The director is well-known Australian performer Peter Cousens, who describes himself as an ‘old-style Anglican Christian’, and previously directed the faith-based film Freedom (starring Cuba Gooding Jnr) in 2014. 

Cousens says in the Kickstarter promo, ‘This story is about what happened after Daniel disappeared. How his parents survived, how they fought for justice for their son Daniel and how, after eight years of an investigation going nowhere, a young policeman begins to unravel the truth.’

The main aim of the film is ‘to give Daniel a voice’, according to Denise Morcombe. 

‘We get stopped wherever we go, people hug us, some cry, some just want to shake our hands. What you don’t really know about us is how we got through those years and what shaped our lives to keep going and to keep focused on helping other children.’

Cousens has attracted an impressive creative team and is currently casting the film. 

‘Bruce and Denise Morcombe believe that what happened to them should never, ever happen to anyone else; they believe this film needs to be made and they have entrusted us to bring it to reality’. 

It’s a story that needs to be told for many reasons and Warcry will keep readers in touch with the process as the script is brought to life. 


For more information please go to their Kickstarter page:



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