The kite gift

July 8, 2016


On a recent family trip to Adelaide, we checked out the Semaphore International Kite Festival. I was underwhelmed by this idea, but kite flying was something my dad loved to do and, to honour his memory, we went. 

As we were approaching the beach where the festival was held, we could see a couple of interesting colourful shapes in the sky, but there was nothing too spectacular. Once we got closer, we could see that the ‘professional’ kite flyers were separated from the ‘non-professional’ kiters on one side of Semaphore pier. 

On the ‘non-professional’ side there were more than 70 kites of varying shapes and colours soaring high on the breeze. However, the few kites on the professional side were merely drifting to the ground and lifelessly lying on the sand. 

The wind had changed both direction and velocity and, while the cheaper kites were active and successful in their efforts to fly, the more expensive ones were lying limp and useless on the shore. I found this irony amusing, but because the skies weren’t filled with every kite there could be, I was disappointed.

Many in the crowd started to leave and, while that was a tempting option, we chose to hang around for a little longer to see if the kites still on the sand might possibly fly. We filled in our time by browsing through the market and walking to the far end of the pier. 

On our way back along the pier things began to change. Very slowly, one by one, the professional kite flyers were able to get their kites to fly. They had to change their direction, but as each new kite rose into the sky, others soon followed.  

Before too long, the sky was filled with an amazing array of colour and movement—it was a breathtaking sight. 

I stood watching those remarkable flying objects and thought fondly of my dad and his perseverance with us when we would try to fly kites as children. But more than that, I believe that God knew what I needed that day—a blessing just for me—and provided it with the beauty of these kites. 

The Bible reminds us that ‘Every good and perfect gift [comes] down from the Father’ (James chapter 1, verse 17). That’s not just in the big things, but it’s also in the little things that mean so much to us.

I’m glad we stayed a little longer that day. Just imagine the blessing we would have missed if we’d left earlier. 


Tags: Salvation Army Australia

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