Vol. 136, No. 47 // 2 December 2017

December 1, 2017



Army of Volunteers

Every year, thousands of Australians freely give of their time and talents to worthy causes. These are their stories. 



Stan Walker is walking on the road to stardom

Born in Melbourne in 1990, and raised in New Zealand before returning to Australia, 27-year-old singer Stan Walker didn’t have an easy life as a child and young teenager.



The power of a cuppa

When I was watching the war movie Dunkirk recently, I was struck by the comforting words of a nurse, shepherding shocked and wounded soldiers to the safe area at the bottom of the ship. In the midst of enemy planes flying overhead, she encourages her charges by telling them to go down below, where “there’s a nice cup of tea waiting”.



Since their stint on X Factor in 2010, brothers Luke and Joel O’Dea have taken the road less travelled to create music with purpose. Joined by Jess O’Dea-Clayton (Luke’s wife), they are VERSES—a dance/pop-infused trio who pen songs straight from Scripture.



Finding all you need

Marilyn’s life journey had been a painful one, but God transformed that pain into compassion for others.



The Man Who Invented Christmas (PG)

Rating: 4 / 5



[ book ] The Footy Lady by Stephanie Asher

[ book ] The Charge by David W. Cameron



Summer snack ready

The sun is out, and with it comes a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables. 
Bridie Kersten* shares some of her favourite summer recipes with us to get December off with a bang.



Ashes to ashes

For any cricket tragic—and I definitely count myself amongst that number—it doesn’t get much bigger than the Ashes. The only rivalry in cricket that can come close is India–Pakistan but, while that has a deep well of passion to draw on, for sheer historical weight it is hard to go past the recurring contest between Australia and England.


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