Vol. 136, No. 32 // 19 August 2017

August 18, 2017




Chaplaincy: Called to listen

From airport lounges to the high seas, chaplains are making sure that they are there when needed—no matter what.



Chance the Rapper

You probably don't recognise the name Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, but when it comes to his stage name, Chance the Rapper, there’s more than a chance you’ve heard the 24-year-old’s hit songs.



Truth in a time of fake news

What is truth? It’s a question that has dominated philosophyfor centuries. Now, in an era of “fake news”, it’s perhapsan even more important question for us to consider. If, as AlanBarth suggested in the 1940s, journalism is the “first roughdraft of history”, isn’t it essential that we diligently sift out thereal from the ubiquitous fake?



Salvo volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and Caeden (11) and Keilah (10) Roberts are no exception. These hardworking kids have raised a significant amount of money for Salvo homelessness programs through their collecting outside Etihad stadium in Melbourne. We speak to these legends about why they love the Salvos.



Sandy experienced a childhood tragedy and gravitated to substance abuse before finding her way back to a strong Christian faith.



Testify by Salvo Bigband

Rating: 4 / 5



[ book ] Rewriting Motherhood by The Babes Project

[ book ] Traveling With Ghosts by Shannon Leone Fowler

[ book ] The Greatest: The Quest for Sporting Perfection by Matthew Syed



Bouncing back

It’s difficult to stay resilient when life throws us curve balls. Colleen Morris* shares how to bounce back when life becomes difficult.



Sideliners: a sport show with a different spin

Sport is a vital part of life in Australia. Perhaps it’s our wide open spaces and dry climate that has led us to love being outdoors. And it means we indulge in a wide range of sports, from big league matches in the AFL and NRL, to the Noonamah Tavern Frog Races in the Northern Territory on Melbourne Cup Day each November.


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Vol. 139, No. 14 // 11 April 2020

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