28-page calendar

The 28-page Salvation Army 2019 calendar, ‘Awe’, features images of Australian landscapes, scenery and wildlife by photographer Phil Thomson. 

Phil says that for him photography “is a passion...my escape, for through the lens of a camera I view this world differently... God’s handiwork, his creation, his canvas, if you will, never ceases to amaze me—this is where I find most of my inspiration for my work. 

I often stand in awe and admire the beauty of God’s creation. The colours, textures, tones and shapes, especially the way the light falls and reflects, reveal things often overlooked, particularly during the grandeur of a sunrise or sunset, or the spectacle of a rainbow.”

Phil hopes that through his photo­graphy “others can experience the wonder and awe I find around me...’The Creator’s handiwork’”.

Cost: $4 each (including postage)

The calendar will be available to purchase on our online shop shortly. For any enquiries related to the calendar please use Warcry’s contact form.